The role of geotechnical tube bag in sludge treatment

Geotechnical tube bag (Geotube) is a kind of made of polypropylene yarn weaving tubular geotextile bags with filter structure.
Geotechnical tube bag dehydration curing method is a process of underwater dredging in high polymer flocculant by certain share doses of solution into the mud slurry, and blend to pack to geotechnical tube bag, by pressure filtration dehydration and consolidation, and then to reduce the sludge volume.
Geotechnical tube bag dehydration curing method has the following advantages: (1) geotechnical diameter tube bag can change according to the demand (1 ~ 10 m), the length of the biggest can reach 200 m;
(2) the earthwork volume tube bag big conditioning, transporting device is concise, plasticity;
(3) geotechnical strength of tube bag, filtering, and long-term high anti-ultraviolet function (4) geotechnical tube bag containers can be stacked layers, to maximize the use of the land;
(5) per cubic meter of sludge unit price lower than other curing method;
6 convenient construction, short construction period;
All landowners is fully enclosed construction, is not easy to form secondary pollution;
Today from the geotechnical tube bag filter out water than harmful elements in the sludge mixture index by 92% ~ 92%, filter water completely reached the corresponding emissions standards for the above advantages, geotechnical tube bag dehydration curing method in recent years has been widely used in environmental protection, water conservancy, category of industry, agriculture, etc.
Among the sand lakes sediment dredging and disposal project, there are 400000 m3 adopted geotechnical tube bag sludge dewatering curing method for processing.
Now the project has been finished, tested, and the sand lakes water nutrient condition by the differentiation of heavy eutrophic nutrient-rich ease to moderate, and after the curing treatment of silt soil have been used for sand lakes in the construction of the park, completed the silt resource use.
This paper first introduces earthwork tube bag dehydration curing method outside the sand lakes in wuhan engineering the successful application of sediment dredging and disposal.

Post time: Nov-07-2017
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