The role of grass cloth in gardening

Mention the grass cloth everybody should be very understand, in fact, it is used so widely, because the grass cloth in the process of use need not use any chemical herbicides and artificial weeding, can ensure that there is no grass petiole across the grass cloth.
1, solid earth, or the effect of drainage, soil is not lost in the garden, if water is too large, simple present the phenomenon of death of waterlogging, and using the weeding cloth can have the solid earth, drainage effect
Avoid weeds in horticulture. If you grow a lot of weeds in the garden soil, many nutrients will be absorbed by weeds, and plants may appear to grow slowly
3, saving labor, plant in the process of cultivation must be crop-dusting, avoid pests, and using the weeding cloth can cut down the use of pesticides, so can not only save Labour, and is conducive to the growth of plants
In fact, the anti-grass cloth can maintain the root system of plants in the process of application, so as to avoid the phenomenon of ineffective growth of root system.

Post time: Jan-08-2018
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