The seven effects of earthwork bag

Geotechnical tube bag seven effect geotechnical tube bag use planning is very wide, can be widely used in mining, chemical plant sewage sludge management, urban sludge treatment, waste water treatment plant sludge treatment, rivers, lakes, reservoirs, harbor, wharf, dredging sediment pollution dehydration and subsequent disposal.
1. Earthwork tube bags are used for municipal sludge treatment
Municipal sludge is the primary source of sludge from sewage treatment plants, and its moisture content is very high, usually above 85%.
Geotechnical tube bag skills for sludge treatment provides a new way to deal with problems, the high water content of sludge to the earthwork filling tube bag, plus load preloading, fast drainage consolidation of silt.
After the consolidation of soil can be used as backfill soil, may also directly stacked geotechnical tube bag cofferdam construction of sludge pit and a land will build dike, sludge treatment and recycling, utilization and dehydration with high efficiency, low processing capital strengths.
2. Earthwork tube bags are used for industrial sludge treatment
Industrial sludge refers to a mixture of solid and water-oil chemicals that occur in various industries.
Compared with municipal sludge, industrial sludge has a very large difference. Compared with municipal sludge, it has high viscosity, high oil content and high quality of inorganic substance, making it more difficult to handle.
The use of earthwork tube bag to reduce the industrial sludge, such as the cooling water treatment of nuclear power plant, can be useful to remove many heavy metals in the water circulation system.
The sedimentation tank wastewater treatment of the paper mill greatly reduces the volume of the sewage sediment to be treated, which is useful to save the time and the money.
Industrial pollution from other tanneries and chemical plants can also be used.

3. Earthwork tube bags are used for sediment treatment of river and lake
In many years, rivers, bays, seaports, docks, ports and docks have accumulated a lot of contaminated mud.
In general, these dirty mud causes great environmental risks, and it is very difficult and costly to manage them.
Use tugong tube bag drainage skills to be able to contain these contaminated sediment and drain.
In the field or adjacent to a drainage lowland that can be stacked with earthwork tube bags, the earthwork tube bags can be stacked several layers to maximize the use of land.
Earthwork tube bags can be large and small, and even hazardous waste can be inclusive. It can greatly reduce the volume of waste and save a lot of processing costs.
4. Earthwork tube bags are used for mining waste recovery
Occur in the process of mining and dressing plant produces a lot of waste rock and tailings, the accumulation of waste rock, tailings not only takes up a lot of land and farmland, but also seriously damage the natural ecological environment, land resources damage to the natural landscape, but also because of its complicated composition, contain a variety of harmful ingredients or radioactive substances, arbitrary emissions will seriously affect the soil, water and soil pollution in mining area and the surrounding environment.
Abroad reported some small production enterprises of pb-zn deposits and au deposits using geotechnical tube bag back waste in mining ore dressing process, through the geotechnical tube bag filtration dehydration intercept of valuable metals, good environmental and economic benefits are obtained.
5. Earthwork tube bags are used for agricultural livestock sludge treatment
Now China’s planning for livestock farming has reached alarming levels.
Because many of the farms choose to clean up the water, the manure can go directly into the water, the solid solution is mixed, it is difficult to leave, cannot become the organic fertilizer material, and the money is higher.
Geotechnical tube bag skills can effectively deal with the issue of solid-liquid separation, through the bag material, filtering effect or attend at the time of filling flocculant, it is easy to solid intercept and filter out fit discharge standard of water, after waiting for solid consolidation process into organic toy factory).
This method is brief, this money economy, has a better development prospect.
6. Earthwork tube bags are used to pretreat waste water
In the urban construction activities, there will be a lot of sludge waste, such as water slurry, slurry treatment for soft base, and mud treatment during construction of shield construction.
But waste sludge state transport difficulties, it is difficult to avoid the secondary pollution in the process of transporting, and direct landfill waste to landfill slope safe operation of high moisture content security exists blemish image, so before shipping to dewater sludge pretreatment is necessary.
7. Earthwork tube bags are used for offshore settlement of coastal cities
The excellent characteristics of the solid liquid separation of geotextile can also be used in the treatment of offshore settlement.
The fallout of the drainage process used is geotechnical drainage tube bag skills and after drainage of solid matter in nearby the waste landfill site for processing, and the discharge of water in the back row before reaching Venice lagoon for reprocessing.

Post time: Aug-16-2017
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