The special products of lotus root pond are special

With high strength special geotextile tensile mechanical lotus root pool in breeding career has its special charm, can be useful to overcome the uneven settlement of the base surface phenomenon, the following is a summary about the product performance characteristics are introduced.
Lotus root pool special geotextile excellent puncture resistance ability, can resist most plant roots, choose data are avirulent environmental protection, seepage control principle is common physical change, do not produce any harmful substances, is the best choose for environmental protection, breeding, drinking pond, a high degree of flexibility, have a variety of standard multiple laying methods with different engineering seepage control requirements, choose hot melt welding, weld strength is high, construction is convenient, rapid and sound.
Special geotextile, lotus root pool also has excellent chemical stability, can be very good deal with the corrosion of strong acid alkali chemical medium, about environment use has excellent applicability and selecting

Post time: Sep-20-2017
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