The tree cover is covered with a tree cloth

Tree protection tree cover tree cover tree cover tree cover to bring down the survival rate.
In order to improve the survival rate of plants, we used to use straw rope, plastic film and other materials to reach the outside of the tree in order to reach the effect of heat preservation, moisturizing and shading.
However, the power of the grass rope is low, and it is not beautiful, and other organisms may be harmful to the pests, affecting the healthy growth of plants.
The plastic film is impervious to air and affects the normal breathing of plants.
Tree tree found wrap cloth is more important, traditional wrap dry data cannot be useful to maintain plant according to the season, in the hot summer, plant appearance requirements do temperature, moisture, sun protection, in the cold winter, on the other hand, plant appearance in temperature, humidity is small, need to do some of these is a straw rope and plastic film and, so often to assist in plants is limited, and repeated operation, on the trees in winter, the spring and is to be removed in a timely manner to owe good and work.
Tree trunks are covered with tree cloth, so we have every reason to believe that the appearance of the ribbon of the plant, announcing that the rough wrapping of the straw rope will be out of the history stage.
Climate dry and low temperature in north China region, winter period more than three months, the traditional careless found way to choose the underlying laid, the upper cover of film is more sequence operation method, work, time-consuming, easy to pull the data, easy tear, weak wind and drought resistant function, poor environment beautification, use of life is short, the resource wasting, cost is high, it is difficult to reach the ambition of survival rate of new trees planted.
Tree cover tree cover tree cloth has common anti – wind, cold, anti – freeze function.
Thermal insulation is good, heat and air permeability is strong, the color is bright, the operation is convenient, the province labor and time, repeated use, the transportation of convenience, energy saving and the many advantages.
Tree tree found wrap cloth (13 cm * 20 m) choose fiber diameter is 1.5 ~ 1.6 denier length 38 ~ 70 mm, containing wool, such as ox hair, hemp, cotton plant fiber woven, thickness of 2 mm to 5 mm, exterior can mask biodegradable film, features of strong permeability, hygroscopicity good, warmth retention property good and so on many merits.
Biodegradable green fiber trees with maintenance, in the process of production does not add any binder, curing agent and other poisonous and harmful chemical raw materials, and can completely differentiation in natural environment, has active effect to maintain the environment.
The green fiber tree maintenance belt, which is used for the newly planted trees to surround the tree stem maintenance patent new products, has the following advantages:
(1) the operation is simple and convenient: more than 6 times more power than traditional grass and hemp, and the average per capita is 481 yuan per day;
(2) moisturizing and keeping warm: the green fiber tree maintenance belt is woven with plants or animals or chemical fiber fibers, with a thickness of 2.5mm~ 5mm, with a moisture absorption of 250%, and a coating of degradable film, which is excellent for moisturizing and keeping warm.
(3) bright colors: choose non-toxic, non-toxic colored fiber and make the products in bright colors, beautify the maintenance of planting trees, and make the urban greening project more colorful and colorful

Post time: Dec-07-2017
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