The “two brothers” of the earth works and the “two brothers”

One pair of chopsticks is easy to break, and ten pairs of chopsticks are tightly held together.
As everybody knows, geotextile and geomembrane has a good function of seepage control, combine the two, called composite geomembrane, will greatly improve the seepage control function.
The composite earthen membrane has a membrane, two layers of cloth, three cloth and two branes.
In the service life of composite geomembrane, mainly by whether the plastic film are losing impervious waterproof function, according to the Soviet union the national standard, hydraulic with thickness of 0.2 m plus stabilizer polyethylene film, under the condition of the water can reach 40 ~ 50 years working life, under the condition of sewage working fixed number of year is 30 ~ 40 years.
Therefore, the use of the composite soil membrane is sufficient to meet the requirement of the dam.

It is in accordance with the soil membrane set, which is a combination of anti-seepage, high strength, high friction coefficient, resistance to wear, anti-aging, acid and alkali resistance, and prevent soil erosion.
On the side of the membrane, the composite earthen membrane is formed by the construction of the mulch.
In its form, it has a membrane, two cloth, two films and one cloth.
It is the protective layer of the earthen membrane to protect the impervious layer from damage.
In order to reduce ultraviolet radiation and increase anti-aging properties, it is best to adopt the embedding method.
In the construction, the soil or clay that is used to be used in the construction of the soil or clay is used to make the surface of the soil.
The earthen film should not be too tight, the ends of the soil will be covered in corrugated form, and the layer of soil will be covered with fine sand or clay.
Build 20 to 30cm block (or concrete precast block) for protection.
When construction, should try to avoid the stone to bang directly on the geomembrane membrane, had better be the construction of the protective layer of the side of the border.
Composite geomembrane and the surrounding structure connection should use expansion bolt and steel layering anchorage, connection parts to besmear brushs emulsified asphalt (2 mm thick) adhesive, in case it happen leakage.

With the high cost and performance of the earthwork materials, it has become more and more widely used in highway projects, and has become the preferred product of road waterproofing and reinforcement.
So, what are the problems of the road laying?
How to lay?
These questions are also a growing concern

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