The use of earthwork tube bag can remove the “pollution” and “gold”.

In the face of the river silt, heavy metal pollution environment problem, our country silt processing market is imminent.
Desilting product comparison: 1. The traditional natural encapsulation-dehydration mud field: the method of disposal of river sediment, technology is simple, cover an area of more, is the domestic sediment treatment engineering (including river sediment cleaning and processing) are commonly used.
However, the efficiency of this kind of dehydration is very low, and there are some environmental and safety hazards in this method.
Because of the bare mud in the yard, direct contact with the surrounding environment, if the water treatment is not up to standard, it will cause secondary pollution to the surrounding water.
2. Mechanical dewatering method: the treatment of organic pollution and heavy metal pollution of sediment, despite the dehydration effect is good, but there is one time investment is high, the need to consume power energy, building workshop workshop, processing capacity can’t meet the requirements of library river sediment field governance short time limit, etc.
Mong tube bag dredging: convenience: the diameter and length of the pipe bag can be adjusted according to need, be flexible, and can be stackable and easy to transport.
Environmental protection: completely closed construction, almost no noise, not easy to cause secondary pollution.
High efficiency: it can meet the amount of waste water and sludge, which can increase and reduce the number of pipe bags according to the flow of the pump.
Good effect: the volume of sludge can be reduced by more than 90% in one month, which is easier to remove and dispose of.
Wide application: water treatment engineering and sludge dewatering project can be used.
Technical advantage: (1) the volume of filter bags is arbitrary, the scope is large, and the engineering processing capacity is flexible;
(2) no need for dewatering mechanical equipment input, no need for power configuration, no need to move;
(3) small investment in filter bag system, with very few manpower and simple operation;
(4) the filter bags can be placed in any suitable place at the edge of the river lake, and the water can flow directly into the lake.
(5) the filter bag can be placed according to the operation of the dredging ship, and the suitable sludge can be dehydrated.
(6) the silt is closed in the process of dehydration, which can avoid secondary pollution.
(7) the moisture content of the bag can be adjusted according to the filling times, pressure and idle time of the filter bag;
(8) adopt special filter filter cloth, good filtration performance, high strength and not easy to age;
(9) the formulation of the agent according to the condition of the silt, and the harmless treatment of the silt;
(10) the sludge can be used as the slope soil or agricultural and green soil of the river lake;
(11) less investment in system engineering, low running cost and short construction period.

Post time: Jul-14-2017
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