The work cloth gives you a better understanding of bentonite

I company specializing in the production of bentonite waterproof blanket, ask an expert to parse for you below is introduced: regarding bentonite bentonite has a larger effect on the role of civil engineering, and its function is better than that of other clay minerals, and thus in civil engineering and construction for all kinds of a wide range of applications.
Natural sodium base bentonite or artificial high dilatability of sodium bentonite not only can be used in the construction of underground continuous wall, open caisson, caisson, pipe jacking, piling, underground waterproof, plasticizing additives for concrete, can also be used for hydraulic transport, sewage treatment, tunnel protection and grounding wire cover soil and so on.
In recent years, the dosage has been greatly increased, mainly for soil sealing, underground continuous wall construction and waterproof mortar.
Bentonite can be effectively adsorbed pollutants, as a filler can be used for waste landfill soil, pools, ditches, reservoirs and the canal seepage control, according to the situation of soil infiltration, dosage of bentonite in the soil of 1 ~ 20 km).
During the construction of a retaining wall insulation, bentonite slurry mixed with cement or sodium silicate additive can be made into all kinds of grouting materials, used in the soil with higher processing conditions, they note soil cracking or fracture in the form of fluid, seal and consolidation.
The U.S., Japan, South Korea, Germany and Canada all have hundreds of thousands of USES each year for civil engineering purposes, and China’s use is increasing year by year.

Post time: Jun-07-2017
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