The work of the earthwork film in the division of water conservancy and hydroelectric projects

Water resources and hydropower engineering division of the project as the filter layer, drainage, seepage control, soil and the protection of reinforcement, concrete geosynthetic materials used in the branch of engineering parts and specific as follows;
Inclined wall rockfill DAMS, the heart wall, the downstream side of the filter layer, the water inside the dam vertical row, downstream of the dam body water, the dam slope filter layer, the drainage gallery surrounding water, drainage under bedclothes, exhaust layer, blind drainage outsourcing, quay wall, abutment back row water, sluice floor seam and discharge protection body, hydraulic tunnel lining back row water, drainage pipe, relief well, outsourcing, agricultural Wells with geomembrane geotextile geotechnical material, the division of the project using the permeability of the geotextile geomembrane and waterproof good characteristics, as the earth-rock DAMS, sluices, beware, retaining wall and other projects of drainage and the body.
The materials of the general design of the division are made of silk woven cloth, anti-aging woven bag, composite earthwork membrane, composite earth work cloth, anti-percolation membrane and so on.

Post time: Jun-10-2017
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