What are the advantages of coconut blankets?

What are the advantages of coconut blankets?
Today we are looking forward to helping you with the advantages of coconut blankets.
1. The traditional way of beautification in landscaping construction will go into a lot of planting soil, there are very few good construction team can cover up the exposed soil under construction, formed a lot of soil loss to the perimeter of the sewers and sidewalk;
The earth car enters and enters the construction site, the car wheels stick to the soil pollution along the road, and then form the dust polluted Shanghai air.
However, the ecological tapestry, because of the integration of grass and composite fabrics, also has a certain degree of resistance to flow before the survival.
2. The traditional way to lay the lawn is to take soil and bring it to the construction site.
Although the advantage is that it can be quickly returned to green, the price is relatively low price, but it has a lot of defects: first, the land has been occupied in the first period, and the plowing area has been reduced;
Secondly, after multiple transplanting, the soil of the original ploughed land was completely stripped away, so as to make it lean and thin.
Third, during the transportation, a lot of soil scattered or scattered on the highway, increase the dust amount;
Fourth, the soil is scattered in the construction process, bringing pollution and germs to new environment and conveying pests and diseases;
Five is the slope is paved lawn soil loss is more fierce, in the downpour, the lawn is also slippery.
Therefore, lawn transplanting is very serious for limited land and environmental damage.
The ecological carpet can be directly constructed, convenient transportation, free of multiple intermediate links, cost saving and high cost performance.

Post time: Dec-07-2017
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