What are the advantages of environmental planting blankets?

The effect of green carpet:
It can have two very important functions in front of the lawn.
1. Preservation effect: can prevent water evaporation from soil surface.
2, water and soil conservation: grass blanket rain resistance, it can be scattered natural rain wash, prevent the rain runoff formation, and rely on its own, formation of slope protection, prevent the slope collapse.
The grass carpet technology combines the advantages of the earthwork network and the plant protection slope, which plays the role of compound slope protection.
1. When the vegetation coverage of the slope is at 0%, the grass carpet will play a role in dispersing rainwater runoff;
2. When vegetation coverage reaches below 30%, it can withstand the erosion of light rain;
More than 80 percent of the coverage can withstand heavy rainfall.
4. When the plant grows and thrives, it can resist flushing runoff velocity of 6m/s, more than twice the amount of grass.
The existence of fixed mesh has a good effect on reducing water evaporation and increasing infiltration of slope soil.
After the grass blanket, the roots of the grass roots will be fixed, the grass carpet will always protect the roots.
The grass blanket can make good solid soil, slope protection and greening effect to prevent soil erosion of slope surface, which has high practical value and economic value for engineering construction.
Compared with the traditional “turf roll” production, it has the following advantages: 1, because there is no need to take up large quantities of farmland, avoid the occupation of large quantities of high quality land and the soil damage.
2, saving a lot of transportation and transplanting costs, reducing the cost of building the lawn.
3, simple construction technology, construction speed is quick, can amount to tens of thousands of square meters of construction, greatly improve the efficiency of the shop, all the year round can construction, is not affected by season, made it possible to large-scale planting.
4, strong selectivity, can according to user requirements, according to local climate conditions, annual rainfall, and the comprehensive factors such as soil conditions, to choose the suitable grass seed, improve the adaptability of the grass, strong pertinence, high survival rate.
5. It can be applied to all kinds of bad natural environment, and can even be constructed on bare rock and planted in the desert. The traditional lawn cannot be imagined.
6. Low price, strong economy and high comprehensive cost performance.
7. There is no need for large amounts of water for water conservation, and the transplant of traditional sod has a lot of water.
8, can achieve zero curing really, is the first choice of the flexible protection slope.

Post time: Jul-18-2017
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