What are the advantages of using the geomembrane

In recent years, in the field of engineering construction, the geomembrane is becoming more and more popular among engineers and developers.
So what are the advantages of using the geomembrane?
The primary function of the geomembrane is waterproof and impervious to infiltration. In the time of normal construction, in order to reach the purpose of seepage prevention and leakage, many local people can’t rely on the use of the geomembrane.
The biggest advantage of geomembrane is the convenience of construction and low cost.
Imagine, if say we want to build a reservoir, so we must not neglect reservoir leakage problem, if we choose the thick concrete structure, so the project cost can make is very high, not only the raw material of concrete high capital, together we will please a lot of workers, human capital, not to mention time-consuming and demanding.
However, if we choose the geomembrane, a worker can construct nearly 100 square meters per day, and the materials of the geomembrane are very low.
There are so many advantages of the geomembrane, how about the longevity of the geomembrane?
According to the statistics, the life of the geomembrane generally is more than 30 years, is the proper length.
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Post time: Jan-04-2018
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