What are the characteristics of high quality garden cloth

Generally speaking, garden ground cloth is used more in crop planting and production activities, which can provide good protection and filtration, and it is also suitable for other construction projects.
How to choose a quality straw cloth?
For consumers, this is a question worth pondering. The quality of the grass cloth made by our company is not bad. Now, what are the advantages of it?
What are the characteristics of high quality garden – resistant cloth
1. Strong and high strength, the garden cloth cloth is able to maintain sufficient strength and elongation in wet condition because of the use of plastic flat wire.
2. Corrosion resistance, which can be long corroded in soil and water of different ph levels, which is very helpful for the growth of crops and seedlings.
3. Water permeability is good to have space between flat threads, so it has good seepage performance.
4, the microbial resistance is good Microbe, bug eat by moth are intact, especially used in paddy field, to be exposed to all kinds of aquatic life, and the water quality is acid, microbial resistance is a great feature.
5. The construction is convenient and the material is soft, so it is convenient to transport, lay and construct.
Anti-grass cloth applied in water conservancy, dike, road building, airport, construction, environmental protection works, can act as filtration, drainage, isolation and so on.
Gardening to cloth
In the garden construction activity, in order to ensure the growth of the seedling, it is necessary to lay the grass cloth regularly because of the weather and the invasion of birds, so the grass cloth is installed.
What about the performance of the anti-grass cloth?
And what are the elements to pay attention to in the installation of woven cloth?
Let’s take a look at the use of grass cloth today.
The product performance and weaving cloth installation of horticultural anti-grass cloth
1, the reinforcement effect: used in highway, railway, airport, dam, embankment slope, retaining wall backfill soil and rock engineering, such as edge vicious dispersive soil stress increase soil modulus and limit soil slip, improve stability.
2. Protective effect: prevent the bank from being washed by wind, wave, tide and rain, and use it to protect the bank, slope, protect the bottom and prevent soil erosion.
3. Anti-filtration: the horticultural ground cloth is used for levees, DAMS, rivers and coastal rocks, soil slope and retaining walls to prevent sand particles from passing, allowing water or air to pass freely.

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