What is the details of the construction of HDPE?

In the construction of oil depot anti-seepage engineering, it is inevitable to encounter the situation of tube (column) through the HDPE geomembrane.
At in order to make the connecting tightly solid, request embedded tube out a minimum of 300 mm, the concrete basement engineering request around the nozzle casting 150 mm thickness, side length or diameter of 2000 mm of plain concrete, in order to deal with cohesive structure.
The pipe is connected with the top of the tube and the membrane. The boot is made of tube and skirt, and is made on the site of HDPE.
With respect to HDPE pipe, tube sleeve can be welded directly with tube.
For other information, the card ring and other methods are required to be fixed and sealed.
The HDPE geomembrane is usually used to fix the bolts or bulking bolts with metal gaskets on the concrete base surface of the oil depot anti-seepage plane and inclined plane. When necessary, it can be fixed with flat steel or Angle steel.
Under special needs, the film can be assisted by anti-seepage treatment to ensure the sealing.
At the same time, some anti-rust treatment for metals may be adopted.
The other type of anchoring method is to bury the hongxiang HDPE lock on the concrete bottom, and simply weld the HDPE film directly to the lock bar during construction.
This method is simple in structure, convenient in installation and reliable in quality.
Usually in the reservoir impermeable engineering, the careful construction of the details is neglected, resulting in the leakage of the final rendering, resulting in the failure of the whole project.
So, any construction unit, in the construction, in addition to the use of high quality brocade auspicious HDPE geomembrane, must strict control, adhere to the construction standard, talent guarantee the engineering safety, reliable.

Post time: Jul-31-2017
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