What is the role of self-adhesive glass fiber geogas for road construction

1. Gently reduce the onset of reflective cracks.
Adhesive fiberglass geogrid as asphalt mixture to enhance material, its main purpose is to use its outstanding tensile and integrity, to make up for the lack of the asphalt mixture in this respect, can be useful to control, delay and reduce cracking caused by low temperature environment, against the larger tension stress and less prone to lead to the road damage, even for tiny crack area of the attack, crackle stress may also be reinforced data transfer and weaken or vanish, crack was carried out into the cracks, so be used a lot in the old cement concrete pavement and the old asphalt surface modification.
2. Anti-fatigue cracking
Self-adhesive fiberglass geogrid used in asphalt pavement, can load the compressive and tensile stresses are scattered, to provide a buffer zone between two pieces of the area, reduced stress mutation on the damage of the asphalt road surface.
Cut the rut
The self – viscose fiberglass earthwork grille ACTS as a skeleton in the asphalt layer.
Asphalt concrete has some rheological property at high temperature, and it can be used as plastic deformation under the effect of vehicle load.
Adhesive glass fiber geogrids is a kind of open grid structure, bitumen particles throughout the grid, a conjunction mechanical interlocking system, constraint set in vertical and horizontal to add asphalt layer binding material movement, placed the surface asphalt goes on.

Post time: Oct-16-2017
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