Why can ecological bags be green and barren?

Conventional ecological soil after about 35 kg bags, there are 15 cm in thickness of soil layer, can beautify the foundation to the barren slope supply must, this is the carrier of ecological bag function, only by this is still not enough, because lots of soil ecological bag also after several times of handling, assembled, if ecological bag is not strong to the construction site will be broken, as seed also leak out, earth also missed won’t be able to undertake the construction, ecological bag so the tensile strength of at least 4.5 kn/m, and resistance to ultraviolet radiation, filled with soil ecological bag can be used for decades in the outdoor;
Moreover ecological bag aperture porosities is moderate, grass will not only grow after bag hole gap, soil and seed also won’t leak out, can also ease in and out of the water ecological bag, as the vegetation root growth an adequate water supply, ecological bag is made of acupuncture non-woven, non-woven fabric has excellent tensile strength, and is not permeable through soil, completely to the satisfaction of pressure and beautify the role, the function has the scientific authentication, completely can be used for ecological slope engineering.

Post time: Jan-06-2018
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