Why does the fishpond soil membrane use the polyethylene geomembrane

The anti-oxidation effect of polyethylene geomembrane is:
Today we talk about fish ponds of geomembrane features: with polyethylene geomembrane in the primary material is polyethylene, polyethylene (PE) of polyolefins is a typical hydrocarbon polymer, does not contain other elements in the substrate material.
The chemical properties of pure crystalline polyethylene are tasteless, odorless and non-toxic.
HDPE geomembrane itself has a high stability, and in the process of high density polyethylene resin processing only need to join a non-toxic stabilizer, such as 2 – hydroxy – 4 – diphenyl ketone, octyl oxygen radicals dosage size about 0.06 ~ 0.2%;
In polyester and polyethylene composite processing process without increasing any agent, so wide pond breeding customers choose polyethylene geomembrane general polyethylene geomembrane is 0.5 mm.

Post time: Oct-27-2017
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