Fully Automatic Mask Cloth Folding Machine, Non Woven Face Mask Folding Machine

This facial mask folding machine is mainly used for folding the mask film into wanted shapes, then filling the film into the mask bags, widely used in cosmetic, medical industry. We have machines for two foldings, three foldings and four foldings. Machien can be customized by your request.

Main Features
1. PLC + touch screen control system, easy to operate
2. The automatic folding film, automatic load bags, saving labor
3. When No film it will stop to work ,and no bags will alarm, optional automatic and manual functions
4. Stainless steel welded frame, solid and reliable
5. Can be folded single, double and triple as well as four foldings mask
6. Machine was designed function of auto collecting bags.

Model: HX-101
Power supply: AC220V 60HZ singe phase
Power: 1.5KW
Frequency: 50/60HZ
Working Speed: 1500-1800bags/hour
Width of Bag: 98-160mm
Length of Bag:140-220mm
Working station: 4 stations
Dimension: 1100*1100*1300mm
N.W: 200kgs

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HX-200 Facial Mask Filling Sealing Machine:
After the mask folding machine folding and packing the film into the bags, there need the following machine to finish the jobs including facial mask filling, sealing, coding and unloading. And the machine can also be equipped with a conveyor to achieve fully automatic production line.

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